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Rising of a platform for Promoting Startups, Entrepreneurs

India has the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world. With spectacular ideas and the potential to solve a problem at hand. However, it is disheartening to see that these start-ups have to grapple to stay afloat, when they could be established as full fledged businesses. Despite deserving the attention and opportunities they have a short life span. However, to curb falling and failing startups, proper analysis and research showed that the major reason behind 90% of startups that fail is improper marketing or lack of market exposure, to counter that pure quality-based brand awareness and standard knowledge was a mandate for emerging businesses. Another prominent reason why young startups tumble is interlinked to the first as every emerging business needs a reliable source of income which is ensured by attracting a range of investors and entering their books, proper recognition of the brand and idea is the direct path to it which is what Startup story aims to provide these businesses with. Strengthening a startups market presence would in turn help emerge a whole new generation of young entrepreneurs and risk-takers to take inspiration from and ultimately be self-dependent individuals adding on to the nation’s economy.

On researching and preparing their service, Startup story came up with the most efficient and reliable source to attract and attach to their audience. Retaining a strong customer base is the only steady way to keep the business running and in the show. Since, Startup story engages a large and diverse range of audience comprising from budding entrepreneurs to aspirants and anyone who wants to know more about business. Audiences can deeply connect and gain deeper insight about the real struggles at the same time learn about various strategies picked up by the founder’s to build their startup, which in turn also becomes a reliable source of inspiration, knowledge and an opportunity for anyone who wants to start a business to learn more.

“Your motive should be to keep taking small steps towards building your dream and slowly but steadily you will find yourself way ahead of the point you started,” Anil Bakshi, Founder & CEO of Startup Story

Startup story uses effective business strategy and content creation which helps the business grow, they also provide a range of other requisite services that most startup’s need as a weapon to stand against already established or emerging competitors. While still in the initiation of their journey as a product or service doesn’t have a market horoscope, but it is the team that lacks the ability to create enough credibility among the customers and lack proper startup support services ranging from Web & App development, Content Curation, Visual designing, Legal Compliance, Consulting, etc, which are all presented by Startup story.

Startup Story, a media forefront encourages startups and their distinctive products and services. Startup story in itself is the fastest growing information source that can help fresh startups gain the marketing exposure at the same time be recognized in the eyes of investors and attract an audience which is a requisite for every startup during the initial stages of their journey. Startup story receives a steady traffic of around 50k monthly unique visitors. What makes Startup story stand out from any other regular media platform is their additional range of Startup support services including Web & App development, Content Curation, Visual designing, Legal Compliance, Consulting, etc. They are entirely competent to take on an entire project, from creating a custom team of freelancers to becoming an extension of a startup’s in-house team.

“Eradicate your inner fear and withhold the concept of creating something unique, rather stick to and keep working on your own idea,”Animesh Shukla, Co-Founder & COO at Startup Story.

In today’s world, as is evident, verticals such as, podcasts, video interviews, brand stories and a lot more are omnipresent and can really up the business game and place you on the map. The beauty of this initiative is to share stories using the best way to pass on information and that there is always a fresh idea which promises engagement from every kind of they engage audience and marks Startup story as unique from any other media platform.

Startup story kicked off in January 2021, founded by Anil Bakshi, who had 11+ years of industry experience. He has been at the forefront of various successful startups and enterprises and is well versed in marketing, business consultation, and coaching. Soon, afterward he was closely joined by Co-founder, Animesh Shukla, Co-Founder & COO at Startup Story, a budding entrepreneur from an elite technological institute IIT Dhanbad. Who has been a part of various great projects with some esteemed companies, the founder’s brainstormed ideas to fit the suitable needs of the startup ecosystem while keenly looking into an intensive number of case studies, updating on what new is building a presence in the market.

By far, startup stories have covered 150+ stories of inspiring entrepreneurs and their journeys, handling the task of illuminating these startups to eminence. They have covered startups with spectacular visions and a great scope in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, Startup story is planning on coming with live interview sessions with successful entrepreneurs, podcast series, and print magazines.

To know more about Startup story or work and get featured one can reach via social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or website.

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