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Entrepreneurship in the Times of Coronavirus

Updated: May 9, 2021

The current situation the world undergoes because of COVID-19 has certainly changed our lives. Panic is dangerously reaching high rates, whole countries are under lock-downs, and millions of people are held in quarantine. It sounds like it is the apocalypse, but is it? Is the world coming to an end? Well, it is possible but believe me the world underwent much more terrible catastrophes/pandemics and human beings survived. Apparently, human beings are strong and capable, and let us face it, there are PLENTY of us so extinction is a little bit out of the questions, for now. So most probably it is not the end of the world; however, sometimes we like to think so just to run away from our responsibilities, yes, this is how miserable we can be :)

Okay, enough with this rant, back on track, how can you make use of this situation as an entrepreneur or as someone with a business project in mind?

You have probably been thinking about your project at the back of your head while sitting on your desk at your boring job, but now that you are sitting on your comfortable couch at home and have all the time in the world, what are you going to actually do about it? Below are some thoughts.

3 things to do during quarantine as an entrepreneur

  • Educate yourself No one realizes how knowledge can affect a startup project positively and how it can help the founder more than the founder himself – especially the experienced one. No information is bad information. Maybe you are planning to establish a healthcare-related startup, then start educating yourself in that specific field. Also, work on your business administration skills. Marketing, time management, and leadership skills are three of the many topics you might want to look for. Building your knowledge in the industry and business in general will help you avoid many hardships and present a more professional brand with a more knowledgeable skilled founder later on.

Resources for learning at home

Many international organizations are offering many services for self-learning and online learning purposes and many of them are offering extra services and are facilitating online learning for self-isolated nerds. Many courses and books are available out there and many of them are offered for free during this period. Some of the resources you can make use of as an entrepreneur are:

  • Coursera Coursera offers many courses for free. Many tools, videos, documents, and tests are used to make the learning process much more effective. These courses include a lot of topics, so whether you want to learn programming, business management skills, or marketing for startups, the platform is one click away.

  • LinkedIn Learning LinkedIn Learning is a very easy-to-use platform with many courses that could benefit you in your business life. Many professionals and experts work on these courses. Give this a shot and I think you will be grateful. The platform offers a free trial. You can use this and share it with your team to upgrade your employees’ skills too.

  • Udemy Udemy is another great website especially for entrepreneurs and business-oriented people. You can find many sub-categories under the business category such as sales, operations. data&analytics. There is a whole category for marketing so there’s that.

There are many many more great websites for online learning. One tip to keep in mind, when you find something that works for you, stick to it and stop wandering around to make real progress. So, learning is great, we get it, but what if your startup is at a stage where it needs a technical product and you have no technical background whatsoever, then you might be thinking, “...but learning how to code, how to build an app, and all the nuances related to technical development might be very time-consuming” and you are right. For someone who has a project in mind, technical expertise needs a lot of time and effort to acquire. At Meteor Venture we are ready to help you with just that. Our technical team can carry on the technical development process while you can focus on the business, sales, and every other aspect of your project. We will build the product that best fits your requirements and be a cofounder who is ready to invest and help build your startup. And yes, we are open to new projects in the current Coronavirus situation. You can visit our website or social media to know more about joining the idea to product program, which reminds me

  • Use Social Media, moderately and wisely I am not talking about roaming around your Facebook watching pointless videos and chatting with people you do not want to chat with. I am talking about using social media in order to connect with people of similar interests and build up your public relations. You might meet a potential investor who might be interested in investing in your project or come across a company that might help you build your startup. Visiting your LinkedIn profile and checking connections you intended to discuss your project with and sending a note might be a good first step. Businessmen also have more free time nowadays, so seize this opportunity.

  • Work on your project, literally. It is never too soon, and the “right time” will never come. Start now with making your business plan, marketing plan and build your strategies. Achieving this is quarantine-friendly as this mostly needs research and thinking – luckily your brain and laptop are not included in the “social distancing” endeavours.

These are three beneficial actions to take instead of waiting for things to get better. Many other things can be done. Times is yours and you can use it for good or bad so choose wisely and make decisions that would benefit you in the long run.

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