The Wall of Ideas


Our team will help you in building your business plan, validating your idea, building your product, among many other services


Meteor Venture's 'Idea to Product' program helps first-time entrepreneurs in starting their business and in building their products. We also help you in creating and improving your pitch deck, business plan, and financial forecasts.

About The Program

To be fair turning an innovative idea into a product is not an easy challenge. You have to do your market research, identify what your idea will bring to customers, prepare a business plan, find a co-founder and develop an MVP. All of these tasks are challenging and need an incubator that can act as a mentor and guide you through the process. The problem is even bigger if you don’t have the right skills or if you are working full time (not enough time). Nurturing entrepreneurs ourselves we have realised that not having the proper support for even the best of ideas can kill them. In fact, many investors look at the founding team first before even looking at the idea when considering making an investment.

At Meteor Venture we can help you! We become a co-founder. We help you in validating your idea, doing the market research, preparing the business plan and even developing the product. Meteor Venture will also invest money in your startup by providing technical development per equity allowing you to build an MVP (minimum viable product) of your startup. With our program 'Idea to Product', we start from an early stage and help in idea validation, market research, building the business plan, and in estimating development costs.

Idea To Product Benefits

  • Idea Validation

    Unpredictability is one of the elements of a new idea, but that is the nature of innovation. Lets face it, it’s a big world and everyone has great ideas. Your idea might be “taken”. We help in gathering information about the idea, and validate it through the real world, vetting if your startup idea check solve the problem that you are describing. We also check what are the other related ideas and how they might be solving the problem at hand.

  • Market Researching

    We need to assess the size of the market that you are addressing and how much valid a solution to the problem are you addressing. We try also to estimate the reactions of potential customers to your idea and relay feedback on how easy is it to make them consider the new approach.

  • Business Plan & Business Model Canvas

    An entrepreneur should prepare a business planbusiness model canvasfinancial plan, and many other similar documents. Meteor Venture will help in assessing all the documents that you need to prepare before making the journey. Meteor Venture will also be challenging many of the assumptions in these documents to come to a more solid plan. This step is essential if you want to raise money from angel investors because they dislike inaccuracies in the plans and any exaggerations.

  • Bring Your Idea To Life

    An idea is worthless if you can’t get it implemented. Meteor Venture will provide technical development through its internal team. We can turn your idea into an MVP or an early prototype that can act as a proof of concept (POC). Meteor Venture will also assign software developers & designers to develop your startup. Once Meteor Venture becomes the technical partner, we will have to come with a full project plan for the development of your startup from A to Z with clear milestones such as:

    1. Alpha version release: to present to investors, Venture capitalist.

    2. Beta version release: to show to potential clients and strike B2B partnerships.

    3. Final version release: to use it to attract users and start generating income.

  • Find Your Investor

    Raising capital for your startup is one of the most important challenges. It’s even more challenging when you are at an early stage. If you are accepted into our program then Meteor Venture will be ready to invest or get onboard angel investors. Meteor Venture will be investing in the form of technical development and helping you find the right angel investors

  • Raise Capital For Your Startup

    Meteor Venture will also feature your startup on its website and help you connect to potential angel investors or Venture Capitalists that we have in our network. Meteor Venture has also partnered with a lot of accelerators and incubators worldwide and through its partnerships, we can provide discounted offers for co-working spaces in India or overseas.


You have built your MVP and are looking at growing your sales, increase profitability, reach new markets and improve marketing online and offline. Meteor Venture provides a wide range of business development services.

Get your business financials vetted by an industry leader and grow your business under the right guidance with some invaluable feedback and networking. 

Your go-to investment readiness program. We help introduce you to angel investors, Venture Capitals, government funds, and banks, We can also prepare/review your pitch deck, business plan, and financial model.